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Designed by us,  Made by you


Your imagination can now run wild 

Designed in Australia, these beautifully packed bag kits come with a pre-cut felt shape, pre-punched eyelets where needed, required hardware (buckles, straps etc.), sturdy pins and a set of instructions.

Designed by us, made by you!

The bags can be decorated as and how you wish;

make up the bag, sign the label and you’re ready to go!

  • High Quality Felt Bags and Back pack Kits

  • Patterns

  • Press Studs

  • Magnetic Bag Clasps and Buckles

  • Bag Handles

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What's New

Jennifer continues to experiment using fun and creative ideas that complement and enhance her felt kit rang of products.  

Some new products include:

  • Merino Wool product range:

    • Eleganza Ball Box Set

    • WonderFil Merino Wool Fabric

    • Sunshine Flower Bundles

    • and more

Bundles and Subscriptions

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Mixed Media

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3D Flowers

Starting with an easy to assemble kit, 3D Flower pattern, material and threads, add your own personal touch, then end up with a great project that you will be proud to call your own.


This package was designed with the Luella Clutch Pre-Cut Felt Kit in mind but can be applied to our entire range, ​

Walk in  the Garden

Originally designed for beginners this sampler pack was created for the launch of the Australian Sewing Community Facebook Group as a series of instructional video's to help inspire and educate people in the fascinating art of embellishment.


It incorporates several basic hand stiches and techniques that when completed grows into 5 completely different flowers, hence the name Walk in The Garden……….

Chain of hearts

Starting of with an easy to assemble kit, pattern, material and threads,  add your own personal touch, then end up with a great project that you will be proud to call your own.

This option can be used on all of the Aster & Anne Pre-Cut Felt Kits,


Hardware and other accessory items that I have personally selected to help complement our product range. These items will give you the opportunity to design and create projects specifically tailored to your personality.

As a 'craft maker', I know the satisfaction one gets from seeing the end results from a completed project and that’s why we say our kits are “Designed by us, Made by you”.

ASC Marketplace 

See what’s available during our next ASC LIVE Marketplace presentation.

ASC members will be able to purchase the specials made available each Friday to Sunday after Jennifer's presentation has completed for that week.