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FREE face mask template download

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Face Masks

Starting of with a free pattern, material and threads,  add your own personal touch, then end up with a great face mask that your friends will envy.


Due to requests from some of our customers, we have decided to put together a range of fabrics with a free pattern to make a

simple 2 or 4 layered face mask.

These products are not considered to be professional personal protective equipment (PPE), and caution should be exercised when considering these options.

This is simply a decorative options where we can all have some fun during these challenging times, but also meet the current Australian governments mandatory face mask rules around safe distancing.

The pattern we have created is as a result of playing with it for some time to make it feel more comfortable to wear.

We have also provided a free instructional classroom video on how to make our masks.

This can be found in our Online Workshop page under Customer Care.  

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